Technology matters: 4 AI-enabled tools for enhanced customer service

1. Real-time voice transcription

  • Output resembling that of a high-quality manual transcription, including punctuation and formatting
  • Ability to add custom vocabulary words, such as product names and industry-specific technical terms
  • Multi-language comprehension
  • Ability to identify and, if necessary, redact personal information covered by data privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA
  • • Rapid transcription, providing text within seconds of the spoken utterance — as close to real-time as possible
  • Ability to differentiate between different voices in a conversation
  • Ability to understand accents, different sound volumes, and poor quality streams
  • Integration with service management tools such as CRM, ticketing solutions, and telephony infrastructure

2. True omnichannel integration

  • Ease of integration for social media, messaging, and other channels of choice
  • Seamless transition between voice and text formats
  • Scalability to adapt to peaks and valleys in demand
  • Ability to integrate AI for automatic skills-based routing to the specific agents who can address the customer’s concerns
  • Historical and real-time analytics



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