How to leverage cloud & hybrid cloud for utilities

Has your organization been reluctant to embrace the cloud, maybe due to security or cost concerns? In 2021, it’s vital that we dispel these myths and recognize the benefits of a cloud/hybrid cloud strategy.

Today’s cloud offerings may be more secure than many on-premises infrastructures and have a better ability to scale with your organization. Cloud-based solutions are also enabling utilities companies specifically to take online customer engagement to new levels.

Join our experts for an interactive discussion on June 23rd, 2021 on cloud and hybrid cloud strategy within the utilities industry and learn more about beginning your journey to the cloud. Attendees will learn:

  1. Best practices for cloud & cloud hybrid
  2. What the cloud migration journey looks like
  3. Transitioning to the cloud vs. a net new program
  4. How cloud-based solutions can take your customer engagement to new levels

Register for the event here:

(Post event, the on-demand recording of the event will be available via the same link)




Enabling clarity through business and technology solutions.

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Enabling clarity through business and technology solutions.

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