High tNPS and customer service

Article by: Lionel Bodin & Alexis Greenwood

“Based on your recent experience, how likely are you to recommend Acme to a friend on a scale from 0 to 10?”

This is the million-dollar question — literally! A customer’s answer to this question contributes to a company’s overall transactional net promoter score (tNPS), a metric that reveals the likelihood that customers will recommend that company’s product or service to others. In other words, do they like you? Really like you?

A positive tNPS score equates to a high percentage of customers who are promoters — those willing to buy more product, recommend to friends, evangelize on social media, etc. Promoters boost business, correlating a higher tNPS score to higher profits.

What is tNPS?

tNPS and customer care

When conducted across thousands of customer care interactions, this simple tNPS survey creates a rich source of quantitative data about customer sentiment. Asking the question may be simple, but converting customers to “promoter” status is definitely not an easy task.

What is considered a “good” or “bad” tNPS score?

How to increase tNPS using messaging platforms

However, in the digital age, preferred communication channels have changed, and leading companies have recognized that customer care communications need to change, too. The majority of consumers prefer communicating through messaging. In a recent survey, 30 percent of consumers said they would contact their company more frequently if texting were an option. If you are seeking happy customers and a positive tNPS score, follow the customer’s lead and invest in converting customer care to messaging platforms.

Messaging provides a platform for customer care that is frustration-free and gets customers to “How can I help you?” faster. This is achieved through a conversational user interface within websites, mobile apps, or even text services. In addition to greater customer satisfaction levels, conversational user interfaces unlock new automation use cases by pairing real-time machine learning and artificial intelligence to ensure a quick, seamless interaction with human or non-human agents.

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